We doubt that there is a more thorough or knowledgeable realtor in greater Tucson.  Our challenge for Tammy Wolf was to get to know us by phone, and to understand our needs and budget via email.  We’d never been to Tucson, but needed to move there within 45 days.  We arrived from the East Coast on a Friday morning and looked at more than 12 homes before sundown.  By the following morning, Tammy had synthesized the additional things she’d learned about our likes and dislikes, and created an entirely new list of prospects.

On Day Two, every home we looked at had two, or three, or more features that had come up in the previous day’s visits.  One was right on the mark.  By Sunday, we’d made and offer.  By Monday, we’d learned that hidden flaws meant the house didn’t pass inspection.

Undaunted, Tammy recalibrated.  Over a period of six days, we looked at a number of homes, too large to recall.  Lots and lots!  Our agent never showed frustration; never tried to talk around flaws; and, when house hunting was wearing us down, it was she who reminded us of our first principles, and talked us out of compromises.

We’ll move to a Tucson suburb in January; to a home we love; at several thousand dollars under our target price.  If you’re shopping for a realtor to help you change neighborhoods, or relocate from 2,000 miles away, stop looking.  In our opinion, Tammy Wolf doesn’t have an equal.  Do yourself a favor – call her. N.H. and C.A. Comai (Formerly Rhode Island)

My husband and I are veterans that moved from Japan with no knowledge of Arizona right before Christmas. My husband contacted Tammy about 5 months before our move, and she was awesome! She walked us through everything and plenty of homes that fit our specifications lined before our arrival. She even took us around during the Christmas holiday. She made sure the homes were in areas with the best schools for our 6 year old. After we closed on our home, she checked on us weekly to make sure we had what we needed and that everything was in working in order. When there were a couple of issues, she was on it. She contacted the seller, contractors, whoever we needed. She’s the best agent I’ve worked with! – Ogburn’s

Tammy took care of ALL our needs including finding the property, negotiating the price and details, and representing us through the closing process. I highly recommend her for any real estate transaction in Tucson. She is well versed in the Tucson real estate market and takes the time to find  properties that meet the buyers wishes.-Kay W.

very helpful agent!! She helps me get a great deal for my house and very professional. I’ll definitely choose her again if I buy next house next time.11/21/2017 – samlikestudy

Tammy is absolutely wonderful ,she is always available and helped me as a first time buyer understand and inform me all about the process of home ownership.I am so happy with her and my new by home ,thanks Tammy 11/18/2017 – jamesgmendoza666

Tammy was a pleasure to work with! She made herself available anytime I wanted to look at houses, and was extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire process. 11/01/2017 – kaduckett