VA Loan

Thank you for serving your country! I appreciate all your hard work and sacrifice.  I want to make sure that you can purchase a home for your family, hassle free and by avoiding these common mistakes:

Using your current bank rather than a mortgage broker to find the best mortgage for you. It’s important that you use a local person. The last 2 VA deals I closed, the lender solved a re-title and a flood plain issue. Not possible for a mortgage broker who is based someplace besides Tucson

Using personal funds for earnest money – I will get these funds returned to you at closing

Paying for termite or other inspections – I will get Seller to give you money to pay for all your closing costs and inspections

Give me a call. I can find the right house for you and your family. Get you the right mortgage officer and save you money!

Relocating to Tucson from another part of the world? No problem. I can send you 3D tours of homes that you can view with VR googles, as pictured below.